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Push through fear to make an impact – Evelyn Watts, Wavy Nettles

Episode Summary

These days, there are so many people with full-time jobs who also have side gigs. And the reasons vary from fulfilling the basic need of additional income to wanting to build a business to replace the full-time income. But there are also people who are looking to do something different and fulfilling in totally different ways. That's what led my friend, Evelyn Watts, to start her jewelry business, Wavy Nettles. In this episode, we explore some of the different aspects of the side gig and how to make it work.

Episode Notes

Evelyn Watts is one of the most talented product marketers I know. But she's also got some mad skills with jewelry. So, Evelyn started Wavy Nettles, a part-time labour of love that fills a creative need. While some people consider side gigs to be "optional" for the people who choose to pursue them, they're often a way to do the kind of work you don't have the freedom to do because your boss has other plans. 

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